• SH | GYM BALL (65CM)

Fitness Ball Features:

  • perfectly round shape and Latex free
  • Three different sizes (65 and 75cm) to accommodate different body sizes and heights
  • Use anywhere including the home, fitness studios, clubs, schools, etc.
  • Training versatility allows you to train all muscles in the body
  • Incorporate other fitness tools such as hand weights and stretch bands

Fitness Ball Exercises:

  • Ball Crunches
  • Ball Sit-Ups
  • Ball Push-Ups
  • Ball Dumbbell Presses
  • Ball Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
  • Ball Rear Deltoid Raises
  • Ball Bridges
  • Ball Hyperextensions
  • Ball Squats On Wall
  • Ball Hip Adductions
  • Ball Tricep Presses
  • Ball Seated Bicep Concentration Curls

Fitness Ball Benefits:

  • Utilizes the users own bodyweight as resistance
  • Supports lower back as exercises and stretches are performed
  • Improves core stability which tones and strengthens core while improving on execution of other exercises
  • Helps maintain natural posture in the lower back as exercises are performed
  • Assists in correcting anterior and posterior muscle imbalance issues
  • One of the most effective and affordable fitness tools that is portable and can be used anywhere

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Fitness Ball Features:perfectly round shape and Latex freeThree different sizes (65 and 75cm) t..


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